Part II Listening Comprehension (30 minutes)
Section A
Directions: In this section, you will hear two long conversations. At the end of each conversation, you will hear four questions. Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer. from the four choices marked A), B),C) and D). Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 1 with a single line through the centre.

Questions 1 to 4 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
1. A) It is advertising electronic products.
B) It is planning to tour East Asia.
C) It is sponsoring a TV programme.
D) It is giving performances in town.
2. A) 20,000 pounds.
B) 12,000 pounds.
C) Less than 20,000 pounds.
D) Less than 12,000 pounds.
3. A) A lot of good publicity.
B) Talented artists to work for it.
C) Long-term investments.
D) A decrease in production costs.
4. A) Promise long-term cooperation with the Company.
B) Explain frankly their own current financial situation.
C) Pay for the printing of the performance programme.
D) Bear the cost of publicising the Company's performance.
Questions 5 to 8 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
5. A) He has been seeing doctors and counsellors.
B) He has found a new way to train his voice.
C) He was caught abusing drugs.
D) He might give up concert tours.
6. A) Singers may become addicted to it.
B) It helps singers warm themselves up.
C) Singers use it to stay away from colds.
D) It can do harm to singers' vocal chords.
7. A) They are eager to become famous.
B) Many lack professional training.
C) Few will become successful.
D) They live a glamorous life.
8. A) Harm to singers done by smoky atmospheres.
B) Side effects of some common drugs.
C) Voice problems among pop singers.
D) Hardships experienced by many young singers.

Section B
Directions: In this section, you will hear two passages. At the end of each passage, you will hear three or four questions. Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 1 with a single line through the centre.
Passage One
Questions 9 to 12 are based on the passage you have just heard.
9. A) It has not been very successful.
B) It has long become a new trend.
C) It has met with strong resistance.
D) It has attracted a lot of users.
10. A) It saves time.
B) It increases parking capacity.
C) It ensures drivers' safety.
D) It reduces car damage.
11. A) Collect money and help new users.
B) Maintain the automated system.
C) Stay alert to any emergency.
D) Walk around and guard against car theft.
12. A) They will vary with the size of vehicles.
B) They will be discountable to regular customers.
C) They will be lower than conventional parking.
D) They will be reduced if paid in cash.
Passage Two
Questions 13 to 15 are based on the passage you have just heard.
13. A) They do not know any solution.
B) They do not give up drunk driving.
C) They do not behave in public places.
D) They do not admit being alcohol addicts.
14. A) To stop them from fighting back.
B) To thank them for their hospitality.
C) To teach them the European lifestyle.
D) To relieve their pains and sufferings.
15. A) Without intervention they will be a headache to the nation.
B) With support they can be brought back to a normal life.
C) They readily respond to medical treatment.
D) They pose a serious threat to social stability.
Section C
Directions: In this section, you will hear three recordings of lectures or talks followed by three or four questions. The recordings will be played only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A),B),C) and D). Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 1 with a single line through the centre.
Recording One
Questions 16 to 19 are based on the recording you have just heard.
16. A) To award them for their hard work.
B) To build common views.
C) To bring in business projects.
D) To vote for action.
17. A) Recovering from the Great Recession.
B) Creating jobs and boosting the economy.
C) Rewarding innovative businesses.
D) Launching economic campaigns.
18. A) Talking over paying off deficit.
B) Increasing the number of middle class.
C) Controlling the impact on education.
D) Planning to reduce energy consumption.
19. A) Shorten America's way to prosperity.
B) Be cautious about reducing the deficit.
C) Increase deficit to cover the revenue.
D) Require the richest to pay more taxes.

Recording Two
Questions 20 to 22 are based on the recording you have just heard.
20. A) They can be redeemed for cash.
B) They can be used to reduce meal costs.
C) They can be used as membership certificate.
D) They can be used to make reservations.
21. A) It is free for us to download the app.
B) It helps you to be a professional cook.
C) It provides advice about making recipes.
D) It only rates recipes by popularity.
22. A) By showing the weight of 200 kinds of food.
B) By providing the price of 200 calories of food.
C) By picturing the food of 200 calories with weights.
D) By telling people 200 kinds of healthy food.
Recording Three
Questions 23 to 25 are based on the recording you have just heard.
23. A) About 43 percent of American adults.
B) About 18 percent of the whole population.
C) About 40 million American adults.
D) About a half million people in America.
24. A) To set a series of bans on public smoking.
B) To set the price of cigarettes properly.
C) To package the cigarettes with tips of warning.
D) To reduce the production and supply of cigarettes.
25. A) The office of the Surgeon General.
B) The Food and Drug Administration.
C) The Center for Tobacco Products.
D) The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.



Section A & B & C

Section A
Conversation One
1 What do we learn about the South Theater Company?
[B]【解析】女士說 South Theater Company 想知道我
們是否對贊助他們去東亞旅行感興趣。由此判斷這個公司打算去東亞旅行。因此答案為 B 項。
【干擾項排除】①根據各選項內容判斷本題問 it 計劃做什么事情。②A “給電子產品做廣告”對話沒有提及,雖然對話提到了廣告,但那是下文女士建議公司借贊助的機會給自己做廣告,而且也不是 South Theater Company 要做的事情;South Theater Company 想拉
贊助而不是贊助方,C 是利用對話中出現的 program 胡亂制造的干擾項;D“計劃在鎮里演出”對話沒有提及。
2 How much does the South Theater Company ask for in the letter?
[A]【解析】對話中女士明確提到,來信寫著希望從女士所在公司得到 20000 英鎊的贊助,故 A 項正確。 【干擾項排除】①四個選項均涉及金額數,在聽錄音時應注意關于數字等的相關表達。②B 項屬于近音干擾。 C 項利用女士說的 “but I don't know if they might settle for less”來設置干擾,女士是說不知道對方公司會否接受金額少一點的贊助,這是女士的想法,不是信中寫的金額。D 項是結合上述兩點設置的干擾信息。
3 What benefit does the woman say their firm can get by sponsoring the South Theater Company?
[A]【解析】男士問贊助能得到什么益處,女士說很好的廣告宣傳。因此答案為 A。
【干擾項排除】①選項都是名詞短語,聽錄音時注意相關的信息匹配。②B“天才藝術家為它效力”、C“長期投資”和 D“生產成本下降”完全沒有出現在對話中。
4 What does the woman suggest they do instead of paying the South Theater Company's travel expenses?
[C]【解析】當男士說旅行的費用太高,沒法贊助的時候,女士說為什么不去支付這個旅行項目的印刷費用呢。因此答案為 C 項。
【干擾項排除】①四個選項都是以動詞原形開頭,判斷題目問建議或打算。②A 中的“長期合作”、B 中的“財政狀況”以及 D 中的“出版”完全沒有出現在對話中,可排除。
Conversation Two
5 What does last week's announcement say about rock star,Phil Collins?
[D]【解析】對話中提到上周宣布 Phil Collins 可能會
放棄巡演,因為現場音樂會正在毀掉他的嗓音。因此答案為 D。
【干擾項排除】①根據選項判斷問的是某人發生了什么事情,注意錄音中對某個人的描述。②A 利用對話中的 doctor 和 counsel (建議)作干擾,對話中并未說 Phil Collins 去看醫生和顧問(counsellor);B“找到一種訓練嗓音的新方法”對話沒有提及;C 中的 abusing drugs (吸毒)與錄音中的 voice abuse 不符。
6 What does Paul Philips say about aspirin?
[D]【解析】對話中提到歌手應該避免服用阿司匹林,它會稀釋血液,并且如果歌手咳嗽的話,就會導致損傷聲帶。因此答案為 D。
【干擾項排除】①根據選項判斷題目問某樣東西(it)對歌手產生或好或壞的作用。②A 中的“上癮”對話中沒有提及;B 中的“熱身”盡管在對話最后提到,但不是阿司匹林的作用;C 利用對話中提到的 coughs “咳嗽”進行干擾,咳嗽和感冒并不是一回事。
7 What does Paul Philips say about young pop singers?
[B] 【解析】對話中提到大多數流行歌手面臨三個問題:缺乏訓練、過度使用和濫用嗓子,特別是他們年輕的時候。B 項說到了其中一項。
8 What are the speakers mainly talking about?
[C] 【解析】對話中女士在談到一個歌手因嗓子問題不得不取消巡演后,問男士有沒有什么建議給那些面臨嗓音問題的歌手,然后就此展開了對話。由此判斷對話主題是歌手的嗓音問題。故答案為 C。

Section B
Passage One
9 What do we learn about robotic parking in the U.S. so far?
【解析】錄音中提到這項機器人停車技術在海外已經成功應用,但是在美國,唯一的另外一個機器人停車場遇到很多麻煩,比如因為技術問題導致汽車跌落以及汽車被困出不來。由此判斷在美國這項技術應用得還不是很成功。因此答案為 A。
【干擾項排除】①根據選項判斷問的是 it 的發展狀況。② B 中的“新趨勢”、C 中的“強烈抵制”、D 中的“吸引很多用戶”在短文中完全沒有提到。
10 advantage does robotic parking have according to its developers?
[B]【解析】錄音中提到停車場的開發者對技術還是很有信心的,并且指望它可以在以前只能停放 24 輛車的公寓樓地下室里面擠進 67 輛車,把通常需要的靈活空間也省掉了。可見這種停車場的優勢就是可以節省空間,增加停車的容量。故選 B。
【干擾項排除】①根據選項中的 saves, increases, ensures, reduces 判斷問的是 It 有什么好處。②A“省時間”、C “確保駕駛員安全”沒有提及;D “減少汽車損傷”是利用前面提到的 dropping vehicles 進行干擾。
11 What does the attendant do in the automated garage?
[A]【解析】錄音中提到沒有人來管理,但是會有一名服務人員在場收取現金,并向新用戶解釋這個系統。因此答案為 A。
【干擾項排除】①根據各選項的動詞判斷,問的應該是某人做什么事情。②B“維護自動化系統”、C“對任何緊急狀況保持警惕”、D “在周圍巡邏防止汽車盜竊”短文中未提及相關信息。
12 What does the company say about the parking rates?
【解析】錄音中提到停車費用是一個月 400 美元或者每天 25 美元,由此判斷如果是月付,平均每天的費用比單次的費用要便宜。也就是說,對于熟客(regular customers),有一定的優惠,故選 B。
【干擾項排除】①根據選項中的 vary,discountable, paid in cash, parking 等判斷,問的應該是停車費用的問題。②A 中的“車輛大小”、C 中的“傳統停車”在錄音中沒有提及。在談到停車費時沒有提到“現金付款”,D 是利用前面提到的 cash(服務人員來收現金)作干擾。
Passage Two
13 What is the problem of the victims about alcoholism according to the speaker?
[D]【解析】錄音中提到酗酒受害者的一個問題就是:他會否認自己酗酒,并且不要別人幫助,故選 D 項。
【干擾項排除】①根據選項判斷問的應該是某類人所面臨的問題。②錄音提到解決方案確實存在,A “他們不知道任何解決方案”與錄音不符;錄音提到半數的交通事故與因酗酒造成的疾病有關,但這與 B 項的“醉駕”不是一回事;C“他們在公共場合行為不端”錄音沒有提到。 14 Why did white settlers introduce alcohol to Indians?
[A]【解析】錄音中提到白人移民鼓勵印第安人喝酒,以防止他們反抗白人。選項中的 stop them from fighting back 是原文 prevent them from fighting back 的同義替換,因此答案為 A。
【干擾項排除】①選項都是動詞不定式,推斷應該是問做某事的目的。②B “感謝他們的殷勤款待”、C “教會他們歐洲生活方式”、D“減輕他們的痛苦”錄音未提及。
15 What does the speaker seem to believe about those affected by alcoholism?
[B]【解析】錄音最后提到,在適當的幫助下,酗酒受害人總有一天可以恢復到正常的生活,此處短語 put life together 意為“恢復正常生活,重新生活”。因此答案為 B。
【干擾項排除】①選項都與 they 的狀況和未來有關。② 選項 A“如果不加以干預,他們會成為難題”、選項 C“他們積極響應醫學治療”錄音沒有提到;錄音最后說的是酗酒問題在當今社會很明顯,并沒有說對社會穩定造成嚴重影響,排除 D 項。

Section C
Recording One
16 Why are leaders of both parties invited to the White House next week?
[B]【解析】說話人提到邀請兩黨領導人到白宮,最直接的原因是想要大家在一些只有彼此攜手努力才能解決的問題上達成共識。B 項的 common views 是錄音中 consensus 的同義替換,故答案為 B 項。
【干擾項排除】①選項均為不定式動詞短語,推測題目可能問建議、計劃、原因或目的。②邀請兩黨領導人不是為了嘉獎他們,而是為建立共識,A 項“嘉獎他們的辛勤勞動”屬無中生有。錄音說的是邀請商業、勞工和公民領袖前來,而不是 C 項的“引進商業項目”。說話人并非邀請兩黨領導人來投票,故排除 D 項。
17 What is the focus of the mentioned plan?
[B]【解析】錄音中明確指出當前經濟仍在大蕭條中恢復,我們的首要任務是促進就業和經濟增長,這是我們整個討論計劃的重點,B 項是該處錄音的同義表達。
【干擾項排除】①選項都是動名詞短語,預測題目詢問行為或計劃。②雖然錄音有提到當前經濟正在大蕭條中恢復,但這只是計劃的背景,故排除 A 項“從經濟大蕭條中復興”。雖然錄音中有提到獎勵企業,但沒說是獎勵創新企業,而且這只是計劃的內容之一,不是計劃重點,故排除 C 項。D 屬于無中生有,錄音未提及開展經濟活動。
18 What are the major decisions about?
[A]【解析】說話人提到我們面臨一系列的最后期限,這要求我們在如何償清赤字方面作出重大決定,A 項 paying off 是錄音 pay down 的同義替換,故為正確答案。
【干擾項排除】①選項都是動名詞短語,預測題目詢問行為計劃。②錄音提到償清赤字會給中產階級帶來巨大影響,因為需要向中產階級征收更多的稅,并非“增加中產階級的人數”,故 B 項錯誤。C 項“控制對教育產生的影響”屬于張冠李戴,錄音中是說償清赤字會對經濟產生巨大影響,并非對教育。D 項“計劃減少能耗”錄音未提及。
19 What does combining spending cuts with revenue mean?
[D]【解析】說話人提到把削減開支與增加收入結合起來意味著向最富有的美國人征收更多的稅,D 項中的 require 和 richest 是錄音中 ask 和 wealthiest 的同義表達。
【干擾項排除】①選項中的 deficit, revenue, taxes 等關鍵詞,提示問題與稅收、收入相關。②錄音提到 we can't just cut our way to prosperity,故排除 A 項。 B 項是利用錄音中 serious about reducing the deficit 設置的干擾項,cautious 不等于 serious。C 項的“增加赤字”與錄音中一直說的減少赤字相悖,故錯誤。
Recording Two
20 What are the points OpenTable offers users for?
【解析】錄音提到積分可以疊加成餐費的折扣,有折扣即餐費可以減少,B 項“它們可以用來減少餐費” 屬于該處錄音的同義表達,為答案。
【干擾項排除】①四個選項的主語均為 They,聽音時留意其指代什么。②錄音沒提到現金兌換和會員卡的細節,故 A 項“它們可以用來兌換成現金”和 C 項“它們可以作為會員卡使用”均可排除。D 項“它們可以用來預訂”,錄音說的是顧客通過 OpenTable 應用軟件預訂餐廳時可獲得積分,而不是積分可以用來預訂,故排除。
21 What do we learn about Epicurious?
[A]【解析】錄音提到 Epicurious 是一個免費的應用程序和網絡平臺,即用戶可以免費下載該應用程序, A 項的描述符合錄音的表述,故為正確答案。
【干擾項排除】①四個選項的主語均為 It,聽音時留意其指代什么。②錄音提到 Epicurious 能讓用戶變成更好的廚師,但沒有說可以成為專業的廚師,故排除 B 項。C 項“提供制作菜譜的建議”是用戶,不是 Epicurious,故 C 項不對。Epicurious 不但根據菜譜的受歡迎程度,還會根據其他因素對菜譜進行排名,故排除 D 項。
22 How does Calorific help people get healthier?
[C]【解析】錄音提到 Calorific 向用戶提供圖片展示“200 卡路里的不同食物的分量分別是多少”,目的是讓用戶根據不同食物的卡路里含量來控制飲食攝入量。C 項“通過描述每 200 卡路里的食物的重量”與錄音相符,為答案。
【干擾項排除】①選項都是 by + doing...結構,推測題目可能問方式或做法。②Calorific 提供的是不同食物每 200 卡路里是多重的直觀概念,不是 200 種食物的重量,A 項不對。錄音只是提到另一個版本的 Calorific 能提供更多的價格信息,而非 B 項說的提供每 200 卡路里食物的價格。錄音未提及 200 種健康的食物,故 D 項也不對。
Recording Three
23 What is the number of smokers in America?
[C]【解析】本題問美國煙民數量是多少。錄音提到 18% 的美國成年人在吸煙,約 4000 萬人,故選 C 項。
【干擾項排除】①選項出現了數字和 American adults、 population 等關鍵詞,推測問題可能與某類人群的數量相關。②43%是之前的成年吸煙者比例,而非現在的比例,故 A 項錯誤。錄音提到美國成年人當中 18%是煙民,并不是說占總人口的 18%是煙民,故 B 項錯誤。D 項“大約 50 萬美國人”是每年死于吸煙的人數,不是煙民數,故排除。
24 What measures can be taken to make it harder to get cigarettes?
[B]【解析】錄音提到必須考慮給香煙適當定價,以便香煙成為難以享用的商品。B 項是該處錄音的同義表達,故為正確答案。
【干擾項排除】①選項均為不定式短語,推測題目可能問建議、計劃、打算或目的。②錄音并未提及對公共吸煙設禁令,A 項屬于無中生有。雖然錄音有提到在煙盒包裝標上警示語,但這不能起到使香煙難以獲得的作用,故排除 C 項。錄音也沒有關于減少香煙的產量和供應的描述,D 項屬于無中生有。
25 What institution does the speaker most likely come from?
[A]【解析】錄音提到“我們”正在緊密合作,衛生局局長辦公室與食品藥物監督局正在密切合作,由此可推斷說話人很可能是衛生局局長辦公室的人,故 A 項正確。
【干擾項排除】①四個選項都是機構名稱,聽音時留意它們的相關信息。②錄音提到的食品藥物監督局和煙草制品中心都是他們一起合作的對象,故排除 B 和 C 兩項。Center for Disease Control and Prevention
雖然在錄音中出現過,但沒有明確的細節表明說話人來自那里,故排除 D 項。